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Our Approach


Many accountants talk in “accountants language”, at ABCounting Ltd we try to break down these barriers and make things as simple and straightforward as possible. We treat our clients as equals and work alongside them to support their goals. 


Wherever we can we will avoid the use of acronyms and technical speak, often used by some as a tool to make the customer feel inferior.


We believe in operating in a transparent and honest way, if we do all we can to support your business to grow it will reflect well on us and you will be more likely to recommend us.

Life ring

Grow Your Business


ABCounting is also growing and we are offering a proactive approach to our clients.  By using one of our monthly packages we can stay in regular contact and use our expertise and experience to offer advice and guidance. 


Depending on the size of your business and your requirements you can choose whether we provide you with annual, quarterly or monthly reporting packs covering all the financials of your business.   We will meet with you to explain these reports and what they mean and how they can guide the direction of your business.


The intention is to provide you with a forward looking view rather the view of the past provided by the annual tax return.

Cloud Accounting


As a small business ourselves we are strong advocates of cloud technology.  In a nutshell cloud providers specialise in “the cloud” and have the scale, resources and expertise that small businesses don’t.  By making the most of this technology you are tapping into the strength of these huge corporations enabling you to concentrate of the core strengths of your own business - enabling your business to grow.


For our own accounts we use the cloud accounting package Xero and have been so impressed that we have also opted to provide our clients with the same as part of our monthly packages.  Xero helps you to do the mundane tasks quicker so you can spend more time doing what is important to you:


  • Stop chasing unpaid invoices
  • Get paid faster with mobile invoicing, automatic reminders and online payments
  • Don’t drown in paperwork
  • Automate bank transaction imports, reconciliation, payments and much more
  • Stay productive on the move
  • Run your business from the palm of your hand with the easy-to-use Xero app


Meet Adam


As a registered practitioner with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), I bring to my clients a wealth of knowledge not only from my training but also from my experience of working in industry. 


I have worked across many sectors and have learnt to be flexible in my approach, in this complex, competitive fast moving world we live in - the only constant is change.  As your business inevitably changes over time, we can tailor the services we offer to change with you. 


Feel free to contact me with any questions adam@abcounting.com

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