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ABCounting has partnered with Bees for Development Trust (BfD), so that every time we are helping a new business we are also helping to make a difference to communities around the world.


We believe that helping local businesses can improve local communities, but… we are all part of a bigger, world community.  In the age of internet and social media we are no longer constrained by geographical boundaries, therefore neither should the scope of who we help.


Working with us, not only can we can help your business to become more profitable, we can also help to alleviate poverty in other communities around the world.


For every new client we sign up, we will make a donation to BfD on behalf of both our businesses.


You can also make a direct contribution to BfD.


Together we can make a difference to communities at home and abroad.

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0151 528 8444

ABCounting Ltd is registered in England & Wales with company number: 11484832